American Adoptions

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Since the beginning of 2014, AFM has worked closely with American Adoptions, one of the country’s largest national domestic adoption agencies. Through SEO copywriting, keyword research and video production, AFM has dramatically increased’s organic traffic. In 2010, averaged around 500 organic visitors per day, and today they average over 1,500 visitors per day. Furthermore, on December 31, 2014, …


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AFM teamed up with Arizona adoption attorneys Scott Myers and Heather Strickland to rebuild their website and online presence. Nearly every aspect of has been updated, including modern web design, in-depth original SEO content, emotive videos and a video header, and more. Visitors of MyersStrickland’s website now get to see and hear Scott and Heather’s passion for adoption law …

AFM Advertising Adoption, SEO | Copywriting, Web Services

AFM developed an online adoption encyclopedia intended to provide adoptive families and birth parents relevant, detailed adoption information regarding specific steps of the adoption process. This project included keyword research, SEO copywriting, web design and video production.

Adoption Pregnancy Info

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AFM created this website to provide unbiased adoption information to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We are proud to have created one of the most honest adoption-related websites on the Internet, specifically for prospective birth mothers.

Mary Beck Law

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Mary and Joanna Beck are two of Eastern Missouri’s premier adoption attorneys and hired AFM to develop a website that showcased their experience in adoption and surrogacy law. AFM filmed and edited video of Mary and Joanna, wrote SEO content about their firm and services, and provided an updated design to their website.

AFM Advertising Adoption, SEO | Copywriting, Web Services

A home study is required for any person living in American who wants to adopt domestically or internationally. It is an overview of the person or couple’s lives, home, and their motivations to adopt a child. is the largest database on the Internet of home study providers, allowing people needing a home study to easily find a provider closest …